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PJME: The Davis Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East

PJME is an interfaith forum to promote security, peace, democracy, freedom of religion, human dignity and civil rights in the Middle East, based in Davis, California.


About PJME

PJME is comprised of people from the Davis community who care deeply about the Middle East and seek peace and justice in the region.  Since 2008, the organization has sponsored a number of initiatives and programs, including:

Nonie Darwish

In October 2008, PJME hosted Nonie Darwish (Arabs for Israel) to speak at UC Davis.

Candlelight vigil for Mumbai Massacre

In December 2008, PJME organized a candlelight vigil in Davis' Central Park to honor victims of the Mumbai massacre.

Gaza War Initiative at the Davis City Council

In January 2009, the City Council drafted a well-intentioned but misguided initiative against Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza.  PJME and its supporters managed to convince the City Council that the resolution would do much more harm than good.  Ultimately, working through the City's Human Relations Commission, PJME supported a tree-planting ceremony intended to heal divisions within the community, which took place in the spring of 2010.

Challenging anti-Israel display at Pioneer Elementary School

PJME worked with Jewish parents who filed a complaint with the Davis Joint Unified School District regarding an inappropriate display at Pioneer Elementary School's Heritage Day in 2009.  A map of the Middle East allegedly identified the entire area of Israel as "Palestine."  

Local Israelis Speak Out

In January 2010, PJME sponsored a program at the United Methodist Church in Davis featuring the perspective of four Israelis residing in Davis.  

Israel Boycott Campaign Defeated at Davis Food Coop

PJME spear-headed the successful defeat of an Israel boycott initiative targeting the Davis Food Coop.  A local organization affiliated with the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) which sought to bring the initiative to a vote of the Coop's members.  The Coop Board resolved the initiative to be neither legal nor proper as required under its by-laws.  The Board's decision was subsequently validated by the Coop membership, who voted in an anti-BDS write-in candidate while rejecting a pro-BDS candidate. 

Aryeh Green, MediaCentral

PJME sponsored an evening with Aryeh Green, Director of MediaCentral, a Jerusalem based non-profit providing services to the foreign press.  The focus of his remarks were human rights in Middle East countries.  His work presentation was previewed in a Davis Enterprise article, which describes his work.

Increased presence in Davis Enterprise

PJME members have become a strong voice in the local Davis newspaper, the Davis Enterprise.  In addition to frequent letter-writing and editorials, PJME will now be featured in a bi-monthly column.

PJME: an alternative, rational voice

PJME is becoming a known presence in the Davis community as a voice for democracy, human rights, civil liberties and respect for all peoples, and against violence, Islamic extremism, and those who seek the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.




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