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Frank Fox for Coop Board

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Dear Fellow Davis Food Co-op Members,

Please cast your vote for me as a write-in candidate for Board member on your Davis Food Co-op ballot.  I, Frank Fox,  and my wife, Moreen Libet, have been  members of the DFC since 1983.

The Co-op has always been our first choice for shopping since we arrived in Davis.  We were members of the Berkeley Co-op in the 70's.  We sadly witnessed its demise due to political divisiveness.  The Co-op in Berkeley spread itself thin and lost sight of the real reason for its existence -- providing high quality, wholesome food in a cooperative, non-profit environment.

That is my vision and my agenda -- let's keep the Co-op about good healthy products, and value our access to the bounties our region offers us in seasonal produce, with fair-trade options, responding to shopping questions and needs. 

I love bagging my own groceries and buying from the bulk sections, meeting and greeting neighbors old and new, and even dancing and singing along with the great music.  I love how students in our community want to work here. I am in favor of providing people with opportunities to work in our Co-op, with decent benefits and a positive work experience. 

We all believe in democracy and support human rights, and we all have our own ideas on how to solve the world's conflicts and ease suffering.  I want the Co-op to remain our non-profit, cooperative grocery store, and not lose it because of disagreements about world politics. 

I will work hard to keep the Co-op about good, healthy, nutritious, fair-trade, fair work, fair prices, and keeping our community healthy and informed about health, nutrition, taste, and the politics of food.  I will also bring to the Board my experience as an educational administrator, program evaluator, researcher, teacher, arts commissioner, and Co-op superworker.  

Please join me in helping us protect the reasons we belong to the Co-op.  



Franklin Fox

Davis, CA


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