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Coop Board Elections, 2010

In a letter to the Enterprise, Davisite Jim Stevens explains the significance of the 2010 Coop Board Elections on the BDS campaign

Vote affirms a nonpolitical Coop

Jim Stevens, June 30, 2010 letter to the Enterprise

With all the excitement of the primary elections, a small bit of information seems to have been overlooked:  The Davis Food Co-op held its board election recently.

Dina Biscotti, Stephen Reynolds, Theodora Consolacion and Rebecca Hager have been elected to their respective terms as directors.  Kevin Wolf and Franklin Fox were elected as alternate directors.

Interestingly, Fox was a successful write-in candidate.  Fox, in a letter to the editor, announced his candidacy and opposition to the attempts of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions group to use the Co-op as part of its campaign against Israel.

Candidate Michael Pach, a spear carrier for the BDS, was not elected to any position.

Apparently the members of the Co-op wanted their organization to remain nonpolitical.  Just as well.  The BDS is, in my opinion, a hate group and association with it carries a disagreeable smell.

Jim Stevens



Frank Fox's Candidate Statement

Read it here.




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