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Check the Facts on Israel

Devi Eden critiques Mikos Fabersunne in this opinion letter (Davis Enterprise, April 15, 2011).

Check the facts on Israel


Davis alarmist Mikos Fabersunne’s at it again. In his March 31 diatribe he presents anecdotal evidence and hearsay, uses “loaded” words to manipulate readers, twists facts and ignores truth, tactics shared by other extremists to scare readers into sharing their paranoid views. Yasser Arafat said: “Say the lie often enough and people will believe it.”

Fabersunne uses the word “occupation.” Article 42, Laws and Customs of War on Land (Fourth Hague Convention): “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under authority of the hostile army.” Examples include Japan, occupied by the Allies (WWII), and Cambodia’s occupation by Vietnam (1979-1989). However, in 1967 Arab (“hostile”) armies attacked Israel (“victim” army). Israel gained territory acting in self-defense.

Further, “Arab Palestine” never existed, making it impossible to “occupy.” But for the argument, let’s do the math: 1.3 million Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel attend public schools and universities, pay taxes, vote, use public healthcare, pray in mosques and visit zoos alongside Israeli Jews. Don’t believe it? Visit — see for yourselves (yes, it is safe, and beautiful). Most Palestinian Israelis resent the label “occupied,” and are not flocking to Gaza.

Of “West Bank” Palestinians, 98 percent live under Palestinian Authority administration, on 40 percent of “West Bank” land.  Two percent live on 60 percent (“Area C”), virtually vacant land administered by Israel per the Oslo Accords. Are these Fabersunne’s “occupied” Palestinians? Israeli settlements cover 1.7 percent of “West Bank” land, according to Palestinian and Israeli sources. Clearly, Israel doesn’t “occupy” Palestinians. Why is Fabersunne not concerned about PA corruption or Palestinian life under Hamas’ radical Islamic rule? Better yet, champion Tibet, Kashmir or others of the millions of occupied peoples who are not “in their rage, waging intifadas.”

Fabersunne then defends murderers of the Fogel family, but doesn’t mention that when residents were still in mourning, a Palestinian cab raced to the community’s clinic carrying a young Palestinian woman in advanced labor. The umbilical cord, wrapped around baby’s neck, endangered mother and baby. Recalling fireworks in nearby Palestinian communities, the Israeli paramedic saved mother’s and baby’s life (

Fabersunne, when composing your loaded argument, check your facts, and boycott more deserving monsters.

Devi Eden


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